The Changing Times

Redefining Notes

.         Karan was perplexed. Down with Viral fever for 2 weeks just a month before his final semester Engg exams was not something he had anticipated. An average student from a middle class family, he had... Continue Reading →


Fitness Gamified!

Fitness Mantra With a Gamification Twist.. Sedentary lifestyle issues ranging from backaches, muscle cramps to more chronic illnesses like diabetes, colon cancer, heart related issues are ailing 80% of Urban Population globally & costing the world $2.2 trillion annually to... Continue Reading →

Corporate Perks & Benefits

Changing the employee benefits landscape in India! Continuing the series, this time the focus is on employee benefits & retention. Mr Sharma, Head of HR in a large Bio Tech Firm in Bangalore was a worried man. 2 years  back,... Continue Reading →


Continuing the series, The Changing Times, here's the second blog. This time, the focus is on Healthcare. While it is, without doubt, of the most crowded space in the Indian Start up eco system, many companies are trying their bit... Continue Reading →

Marriage Registration

After deliberating on the topic for a long time, I am finally starting my Blog, The Changing Times. The focus of my blog is to highlight, how the current generation of entrepreneurs, through their ventures, are making an effort, to... Continue Reading →

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